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Robotic tool changer systems MPS 130:
Components & modules

Stäubli has a wide range of coupling modules for various media, such as fluids and electric, that can be positioned around the tool changer specifically to fit each customer’s application and guarantee a high number of mating cycles.

SPM pneumatic and cooling module

Stäubli clean break coupling technology guarantees secure fluid transmission and reliably prevents fluids from escaping during connection and disconnection.

RMK / FTM pneumatic and vacuum module

Modules for all common applications and safe transfer of the media used for maximum productivity even in harsh environmental conditions.

MultiDNet module for signal and power supply

This custom-configurable electrical connector is available with different inserts for signal transmission and power supply.

MGK primary circuit connector for welding currents

The primary circuit connector has a very compact and lightweight design. A quick-change system allows quick and easy replacement of the mating contacts during servicing.