Robotic tool changer MPS 130

This powerful and very robust tool changer is designed for a huge range of applications. It features multiple couplings for air/vacuum connections, and can be equipped with connectors for data and electrical transmission. Very compact dimensions, with a coupled height of only 67 mm, make the MPS 130 the first choice for applications requiring a high number of mating cycles.

Applications: Automotive, General industry, Plastic industry, welding, material handling (pneumatic clamps and suction cups)

Technical data

  • Payload up to 100 kg
  • Bending moment up to 900 Nm
  • Torsion moment up to 800 Nm
  • Locking: pneumatic – safety spring 
  • Operating air pressure: 0.45 MPa –  0.8 MPa
  • Robot mounting flange EN ISO 9409-1-100-6-M8

Available modules

  • Connectors for data and electrical signals
  • Welding power connector 
  • Connectors for air, vacuum and cooling
  • Safety level

Components & modules MPS 130

Docking station

  • Simple, standardized system with single riser configuration; customized solutions also available
  • Integrated into the PLC platform with tool recognition and safety technology 
  • Dust covers, recommended for welding and other harsh work environments, available in various combinations
  • Flexible docking system that allows horizontal or vertical docking of the tool 
  • Integrated floating unit in the upper portion of the docking station 
  • Optional safety systems available (e.g. transponder solution)

Programming jig

  • Easy-to-use programming jig to minimize programming time and improve accuracy