Non-spill quick couplings with ball locking for railway SPT/CG

The non-spill, flat face design of our SPT/CG couplings ensures that there is no ingress of air into the circuits on connection, and no loss of liquid on disconnection. The couplings are made from high-performance treated aluminum alloy, which makes them strong as well as lightweight. Their interior design ensures low pressure drop for optimum flow within compact overall dimensions. With a large number of balls, locking is extremely robust.

Applications: Cooling and thermal management of onboard electronic equipment, engines and transformers; filling and draining circuits; circuit bleeding

Technical specifications

  • Nominal diameter DN (mm): from 05 to 25
  • Maximum allowable pressure PS (bar)*: 40 


  • Glycol water, heat transfer oils, esters


  • Aluminum alloy with surface treatment
  • Protective dust caps
    • Socket: POM and Chloropren (CR)
    • Plug: Chloropren (CR)

Other features

  • Optional relief valve on the socket or plug side, which protects the circuits in the event that pressures continue to increase from residual heat
  • SPT 10 and SPT 12 available in multi-coupling versions for simultaneous connection of multiple circuits

*depending on the model and operating conditions

Online demonstration

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