Double shutoff quick coupling RME for railway

RME couplings for the railway industry offer added assurance with regard to sealing. They are designed so that sealing takes place before the opening of the valve, ensuring leak-tight connection and disconnection with no loss of fluid. Durable construction materials guarantee enhanced resistance to corrosion in the presence of liquids and cooling fluid additives. We also offer a version with a protector that guards the sealing and locking elements from external agents such as water and dust.

Applications: Cooling of onboard electronic equipment, engines and transformers; filling and draining of circuits; circuit bleeding

Technical specifications

  • Nominal diameter DN (mm): from 06 to 25
  • Maximum allowable pressure PS (bar)*: 16


  • Glycol water
  • Heat transfer oils
  • Esters


  • Brass and stainless steel surface treated
  • Protector in chloroprene rubber (CR)
  • Protective dust caps
    • Socket: Polyoxymethylene (POM) and CR 
    • Plug: CR

Other features

Version with protector available (recommended for outdoor applications)

*depending on the model and operating conditions