SUPER-PARFLAM safety quick-release sockets for use with bottles or network - PSO, PSA, PSP

Mounted on the exit pressure regulator, the Stäubli SUPER-PARFLAM couplings ensure the installations are protected with 3 integrated safety devices: gas non-return valve, flame arrestor, thermal cut-off valve. Stäubli geometrical locks remove any risk of swapping the circuits. The quick-release function means the lines can be connected and disconnected in just one movement. Gas flow is stopped automatically on disconnection. The couplings can be rotated, ensuring that the button is always accessible.

Applications: hose connections to oxygen, acetylene and other fuel gas supplies.

Technical specifications

Maximum allowable pressure PS (bar)*:

  • 12.5 bar ( 181 psi) for the oxygen line
  • 1.5 bar (21 psi )for the acetylene line
  • 3 bar ( 43 psi )for other fuel gases


Other fuel gases


  • Coupling body: chromium steel
  • SUPER-PARFLAM safety body: anodized light alloy, brass for high flow version

Other features

Available in high flow version 

*depending on the model and operating conditions