The quick-release coupling perfectly designed to fully integrate with machine tools - SPC

The SPC coupling is very compact, providing excellent flow to reduced exterior dimensions. Designed for intensive use and up to a million connections, the SPC is extremely durable and guarantees the integrity of fluids in the long term. It automatically compensates for any alignment errors with an interface gap of only 2mm.

Machine-tools: connection and disconnection of tool and motorized spindle heads; palletization and hydraulic clamping.
Cooling: inserts and mold modules, electronic.

Technical specifications

  • Nominale maat DN (mm): from 3 to 20
  • Maximaal toelaatbare druk PS (bar)*: 450 (6526 psi)


All fluids


High resistance stainless steel

Other features

  • 2 possible installation options for complete integration into the machine: floating on both sides or rigidly installed plug
  • Fast and easy maintenance

*depending on the model and operating conditions