NPE 2018

Stäubli at NPE 2018

Welcome to Staubli’s NPE 2018 booth highlights and our full-length Quick Mold Change presentation videos.  Contact our sales department or your local sales person to learn more about our Advanced Connection Solutions

Quick mold change and automation solutions

Single minute mold change

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Connection of energy circuits

Our range of quick-release couplings, electrical connectors and centralized connections providing high levels of performance and safety.

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Mold clamping

All our clamping systems are designed to be incorporated seamlessly into your installations and processes, while ensuring the safety of equipment and personnel.

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Mold transfer and loading

Whether it is fixed or mobile, manual or automated, the design of each Stäubli transfer station is customized so that it precisely matches the requirements of each installation and mold change process.

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Parts handling

With 6 axis robots and risk-free human-robot collaboration, Stäubli offers safe and efficient solutions for automated applications.

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