Mechanical clamping system QMC 105/106

Regardless of the external shape of the tool, our QMC mechanical quick clamping systems can be used in both hydraulic and electric machines. They are easy to install in both new and existing machines, and installation can be done in-house using an installation tool. With operating temperatures of up to 200° C and tool weights up to 2 tons, they are suitable for a wide range of applications.


As the machine is positioned, the centering clamp rings fitted to the tool enter the interlock of the Stäubli quick clamping system. Manual activation of the clamping lever securely clamps the tool to the machine using the centering clamp ring. An automatic safety interlock prevents unintended tool unclamping.


  • Clamping plate: Steel 
  • Interlock: Alloy steel, heat-treated and surface-treated
  • Drill pattern according to EUROMAP, SPI or JIS standards
  • Max. tool weight: 2 t 
  • Max. operating temperature: 200° C 
  • Removable hand lever 
  • Easy replacement of existing centering rings with Stäubli centering clamp rings


  • Clamping plates with customer-specific drill pattern available on request
  • Tool monitoring with proximity sensors

Installation tool 
For quick and easy installation, there are tools for:

  • Installing clamping plates on the machine
  • Installing centering clamp rings on the tools