Hydraulic mold clamping system QMC 100/101

Hydraulic clamping elements are available for all machine sizes, and are suitable for new machines and retrofitting to existing machines and systems.


Clamping system QMC 100

  • Clamping with spring force
  • Unclamping with single-acting hydraulic cylinder
  • Self-locking clamping pistons

Clamping system QMC 101

  • Clamping and unclamping with double-acting hydraulic cylinder
  • Self-locking clamping pistons


Clamping pistons: High-alloy steel, hardened and ground
Clamping block: Steel surface-treated
Seal: Fluorocarbon (80 degrees)

Working pressure: 
QMC 100: Unclamping pressure 160 bar
QMC 101: Clamping pressure 80 bar; unclamping pressure 160 bar

Max. retaining force per clamping element: 
QMC 100: 30 t
QMC 101: 50 t


  • High-temperature version available on request
  • Drill pattern according to EUROMAP, SPI or customer-specific
  • Version for clamping plate with T slots available on request.