Quick-release couplings and centralized connections for temperature control
Choose Stäubli versatility and performance

Thermal management applications are particularly demanding. From full-flow to non-spill solutions and from quick-release couplings to multi-coupling plates, the Stäubli range of products offers a solution to meet all needs. Because of the large number of configuration options, they integrate perfectly with your equipment. Whatever type of coolant fluid is used, whatever the temperature or flow rate ... Stäubli products offer the reliability and performance demanded for every application.

RPL - Full flow

DN from 06 to 12 mm
Max. P up to 10 bar*

GPL - Full flow

DN from 25 to 50 mm
Max. P up to 10 bar*

RMI – Single or double shutoff

DN from 06 to 37 mm
Max. P up to 16 bar*

HTI – High temperature

DN from 09 to 12 mm
Max. P up to 12 bar*

CBI - Clean-break

DN from 03 to 25 mm
Max. P up to 50 bar*

HTM – High temperature

DN from 09 to 12 mm
Max. P up to 12 bar*

NCI - Distribution manifold

Stäubli offers solutions specifically designed to optimize the safety and efficiency of your applications.

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