Centralized connection of electrical circuits
Choose Stäubli’s efficient, modular solutions

Every application requires a totally reliable connection solution. Stäubli electrical connection solutions are modular, which means control, power and thermocouple circuits can be connected in a single movement without any risk of error.

Designed to tolerate harsh working environments, these connectors ensure a high degree of conductivity, continuous contact, and reduced heating even under conditions of heavy vibration. These are ergonomic and reliable solutions, which adapt to every kind of application.

REP - High resistance

Contact DN from 1.5 to 6 mm

CombiTac – Modular connection system

Fluid couplings:
DN from 03 to 08 mm
Electrical contacts:
DN from 0.6 to 12 mm

Max. P up to 15 bar*

Online demonstration

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Get the Flash Player to see this animation/video.

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