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Stäubli, unrivaled expertise in the plastics industry

Reducing the time taken to change a die is fundamental to the SMED process — Single-Minute Exchange of Dies. Process automation, performance, reliability and innovation are the main criteria detailed in the QMC (Quick Mold Change) solutions from Stäubli in its quality program and productivity optimization. These considerably reduce downtime and offer a much needed and flexible approach to frequent die changes, cost reduction, time wasted and stock reduction.

Loading and mold clamping, energy connection and robotic systems ... the expertise offered by Stäubli for the plastics industry means we can offer either targeted or global solutions.

Connecting energies

Stäubli offers a wide range of quick-release couplings and centralized connections for the thermal management of molds, hydraulic applications and electric circuits.

Mold clamping

Whether it is mechanical, hydraulic or magnetic, the three types of clamping technology available from Stäubli guarantee you will find a solution appropriate for every production environment.

Mold loading

Using Stäubli fixed workstations and shuttle carts for changing molds makes it possible to configure the solution to the specification of tools, machines and production processes.

Mold maintenance

Stäubli workstations make it easier and safer to work on very large molds

Robot tool changer systems

Because of their modular design, the tool changer systems from Stäubli may be adapted to every kind of tool and application.

Online demonstration

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