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Connection solutions for the nuclear industry

Stäubli offers a range of connection solutions for all fields within the nuclear industry. Our highly safe, reliable couplings, multi-couplings and equipped hoses are designed for sensitive applications such as quick connection of fluid and electricity circuits, both manually and remotely, as well as energy supply, breathing air supply, filling and draining, contaminated fluid sampling and transfer of effluences.

Breathing air

Quick couplings, filter units, hoses and more for breathing air supply. 

Connection solutions for remote handling

Quick release couplings for fluids and gases as well as low to high pressure hydraulic supply.

Connection solutions for glove boxes

Couplings for sampling applications in safe conditions. 

Filling and draining

A wide range of quick release couplings for filling and draining as well as venting and inerting, including clean-break technology.

Fluids and gases

Stainless steel connection solutions for utilities and all types of process liquids and gases. 

Compressed air

ADS11 full flow safety coupling for use in contaminated areas.

Customized multi-coupling systems

Customized multi-coupling systems for your specific needs, including manual, automatic or remote handling.