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Connection solutions for motorsports

With Stäubli connectors and fueling devices, performance and safety always come first. We offer a complete range of clean break connection solutions, including couplings designed to be high pressure resistant, vibration resistant, shock resistant and fuel and oil resistant. Our products integrate anti-pollution features, lightweight materials and compactness, making them ideally suited to the demands of motorsports.


SPH/BA, HPR and CBR couplings for hydraulic line connection, damper connection, brake line connection and brake bleeding.

Clean break SPH/BAHigh pressure HPRCompact clean break CBR


SPT clean break and DMR full flow quick release couplings for cooling applications such as oil and water glycol connections. 

Clean break SPT Full flow DMR

Compressed air

Connection solutions with guaranteed high flow rate and optimum tightness for car lifting and lowering.

Air conditioning

Quick release couplings for frequent connection and disconnection of air conditioning systems.

Filling and draining

SPM clean break and DMR full flow quick couplings allow easy and clean filling and draining connections for engine oil and engine degassing.

Clean break SPMFull flow DMR

SAF Advanced Filling System


A range of quick release couplings for car and motorbike fuel safety line connection, rally car fuel filling, track car and motorbike fuel filling and internal fuel tank connection, including FIA and FIM approved couplings for sampling.


Specific electrical power connectors for electrical and hybrid race cars, including battery and other electrical connections.