Quick release couplings for sampling in the chemical and petrochemical industries

Stäubli makes chemical and petrochemical industry sampling applications safer and more environmentally friendly with a complete range of quick release couplings, including flush face, clean break, and a variety of other products for sampling, testing points and laboratory analysis. Superior design and materials mean that you can expect zero pollution.

RBE modular construction

Compact, easy-to-use quick couplings allow you to make secure automatic connections with the push of a button.

HCB non-spill 316L

Non-spill quick couplings featuring flush face design for safe handling of fluids with a constant seal during connection and disconnection.

Fluids and gases

Our complete line of quick couplings for safely handling fluids and gases offers a wide variety of materials, sealings, diameters and other features, providing couplings specifically suited to the chemical characteristics of the substance and the requirements of the application.