Compressed air connection solutions for automotive

Stäubli offers a complete range of connection solutions for compressed air. Our quick release couplings, ideal for use with pneumatic tools or on the final assembly line, guarantee safe handling and optimum efficiency.

RSI – Active safety

DN from 06 to 11 mm
Max. P up to 16 bar*

NSI – Non-scratch safety

DN from 06 to 08 mm
Max P up to 12 bar*

HJP – Polyurethane connection unit

DN from 8x12 to 11x16 mm
Max. P up to 10 bar*

HJP – Polyurethane blowing unit

DN from 5x8 to 6,5x10 mm
Max. P up to 10 bar*

Complete connection solutions

A full range of compressed air solutions.

*depending on the model and operating conditions