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The performance of a robot system is not all down to hardware. Stäubli robots are, of course, among the fastest and most accurate machines on the world market. And they are setting standards in all production environments – from dirty to sterile, from autonomous to collaborative. But our performance package covers much more besides: safety, service, solutions.

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«At every step of robotic cell integration, Stäubli services help achieve optimal performance, quick ROI and low TCO.»


Adrien Brouillard | Worldwide Customer Support Manager at Stäubli


What can the new SCARA robots do better than their predecessors?

Brouillard: Everything! The TS2 SCARA series is a comprehensive redesign that takes Stäubli to an unprecedented level of performance. The proprietary JCS drive technology facilitates extremely short cycle times and, thanks to hollow shaft technology, an encapsulated hygienic design without external cable bundling that will open up new application possibilities in sensitive environments.

Stäubli is the world’s largest producer of special models for industry-specific robotic solutions. What TX2 special versions can we expect to see in the near future?

Brouillard: Stäubli has always been a technological pioneer in robotics for general industry, especially offering high-performance robots also for sensitive environments. The TX2 series has the same enclosed design as its predecessor and therefore the special versions that we are well-known for will be available very soon. Actually, we are gradually launching HE versions for humid and hygienic environments, H1 oil versions for food and life science applications, Cleanroom, Stericlean (resistant to H2O2 sterilization processes) and ESD (electrostatic discharge). High Performance production and Man-Robot Collaboration also step into sensitive environments!

Product launch at Automatica
TS2-60 (vertical outlet) & TS2-100 (ceiling mounted)

The new TS2

Completely redesigned four-axis machine with proprietary JCS drive technology facilitates ultra-short cycle times. It also has a revolutionary hygiene design which opens up new possibilities for use in sensitive environments.

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Stäubli robots have the lowest TCO on the market and are quick to reach competitiveness.

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