Carpet weaving

Machine-woven carpet qualities on ALPHA carpet weaving machines

The binding possibilities supported by Schönherr carpet weaving machines are nearly unlimited. With the cam motion, one to four different ground weaves can be combined with several pile weave structures. With the installation of a rotary dobby over 50 ground bindings can be used to make approximately 220 different weave structures. A huge variety of carpet qualities can be manufactured on the ALPHA 360, ALPHA 400, or ALPHA 500 series machines.
Thanks to this diversity, carpet weavers can react very flexibly to market demand – and create innovative products that keep them one step ahead. Illustrated below are just a few examples of the wide range of possibilities:

Stäubli AG - standard-carpet-quality-pim-2x-33699-jpg-orig.jpg


Two-weft weave structure for highest productivity, pile knots on each weft.

Carpet technology Mega


Carpet with different effects, especially double pile. The double pile can be woven over the outer wefts only, or over the outer and inner wefts.

Carpet quality Premia


Carpet with different effects like double-pile, pattern on the ground, or reduction of pile row density, resulting in a kind of shadow effect.