Food industry Success story

20,000 tubs per hour

Customer benefits
  • Secondary packaging with above-average throughput
  • Highly productive solution with high cost efficiency
  • Availability at the highest level
  • Rapid retooling of the packaging line
Palletizing with RX160 industrial robot at Chocenska
Packaging with four TS60 SCARA robots at Chocenska
Screen (Chocenska)


Secondary packaging of dairy products

Complete secondary packaging, including palletization of as many as 20,000 yogurt tubs per hour, calls for sophisticated solutions as well as robots that are capable of implementing them.

Choceňská mlékárna is a leading brand of spreads, yogurt and curd cheese. Established around 90 years ago, the Czech company is committed to the highest quality standards.

In identifying a solution for packaging 20,000 tubs of a typical Czech dairy favorite per hour, one thing was clear from the outset: Even though cheaper solutions were to be found on the market, the entire packaging line was to be equipped with Stäubli robots. As far as the company management were concerned, Stäubli sets the standard in food production, and they weren’t prepared to settle for a second-best solution.



Four SCARAs and two six-axis machines for maximum output

The packaging line, which was installed in record time, is equipped with four Stäubli TS60 SCARAs and two large Stäubli RX160 six-axis machines. The task of the SCARAs is to pick the tubs off a conveyor belt as they leave the production stage and place them at high speed but without risk of damage in cardboard trays that are traveling past the station on a parallel conveyor belt. The trays containing 12 units are then transported by means of the conveyor belt to the next station where they are stacked four high on top of each other.

These four-deep piles containing a total of 48 tubs now reach a station where they are deposited on wooden pallets. This demandi