Automotive Success story

The modern way of testing printed circuit boards (PCBs)

Customer benefits:
  • Exceptional level of flexibility
  • High output
  • Simultaneous testing of different types of PCB
  • Reliable protection from electrostatic discharge
Stäubli AG - esd-robot-baumann-tebox-tim-2x-68148-jpg-orig.jpg
The ESD version of the Stäubli TX90L for handling printed circuit boards.
Stäubli AG - test-cell-baumann-tim-2x-68156-jpg-orig.jpg
The six-axis robot impresses in the test cell by virtue of its high dynamics and exemplary precision.
Stäubli AG - test-line-baumann-tim-2x-68160-jpg-orig.jpg
The complete test line consists of two linked test cells with docked test stations. The oven for heating the circuit boards is shown in the center of the photo.