TX60L Cleanroom/ Supercleanroom 6-axis robotic arm

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TX60L Cleanroom robots were designed from the outset to comply with the stringent requirements of cleanroom environments. They offer the added advantages of superior throughput capabilities and reliability, with field tested reliability in 24/7 industrial environments.

Advantages of the TX60L Cleanroom
Mixing granules in a cleanroom with a TX90
Suited to meet the requirements of clean environments

ISO 14644-1: Class 2 (SCR version) or Class 4 (CR version)
FS 209E: Subclass 1 (SCR version) or Class 10 (CR version)

Work envelope
Optimum use of the work area

The compact size of Stäubli robots reduces their footprint. With their large work envelope, they are designed for a wide variety of applications.

Stäubli AG - TX90-CR-6-axis-robotic-arm-vertical-output-view-pim-2x-38846-jpg-orig.jpg
Work in difficult environments

To meet the needs of all markets, our robots come with an optional vertical cable outlet. It is located underneath the base for optimal protection of connections in sensitive environments.

Stäubli Gearbox JCS
High precision, long life and reduced maintenance

Stäubli is the only robotics manufacturer to make its own reduction gear systems, specifically designed to cut down on maintenance and extend the life of the robot.

Attachment methods
Flexible integration on the production line

For greater flexibility, Stäubli robots have multiple mounting configurations (floor, wall or ceiling) to make it easier to integrate the robot into the production chain.

Optimum cleanliness, arm motion freedom and production reliability

  • All cables and pipes routed through the arm removing obstacles from the work area
  • Enclosed structure

Precise trajectory performance 

  • Increased part quality
  • Reduced rework costs

Customizable color and texture

  • Choice of finishes


  • UL, CE, KCS


TX60L cr/scr

Maximum load*

5 kg

Nominal load

2 kg


920 mm

Degrees of freedom


Repeatability - ISO 9283

±0.03 mm

Cleanroom standard:

ISO 14644-1

FS 209E


Class 2 (SCR model) or class 4 (CR model)

Subclass 1 (SCR model) or class 10 (CR model)

Arm mounting options


Stäubli CS8 series controller


* With specific configuration. Please consult Stäubli.