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TX340 SH (shelf) 6-axis robot

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The TX340 SH (shelf) 6-axis robot is an articulated arm with 6 axes for increased flexibility. The work envelope allows the robot to work under its base to be positioned on top of a machine. The fully enclosed structure (IP65) makes the robotic arm ideal for applications in harsh environments. The TX340 SH 6-axis robot has a maximum payload of 190 kg and a 3680 mm reach.

Stäubli TX340 SH - palletizing
Lightweight and compact construction

Brings another mounting option and short cycle times.

TX340 SH 6 axis robot
Ideal for plastics industry

With its large enveloppe and a payload of 190 kg, the TX340 SH can easily handle large grippers and molded components.

TX340 SH - attachment method
Compact footprint
  • Easily mounted in space restricted areas including the chassis of injection molding machines. 
  • Flexibility in robot positioning reduces system design and integration times.
TX340 SH 6 axis robot - connexions
Multiple connections
  • Optional connection assembly for I/O and pneumatic connections.
  • Cable management reduces risk of accidental damage, increases process reliability and robot uptime.
TX340 SH work envelope
Optimum use of the work area

Its large work envelope makes it ideal for a wide variety of applications and allows working under its base.

Process and tooling cables can be connected at the base

  • Cables are not routed ad-hoc along the robot structure eliminating snagging and accident damage.

Precise trajectory performance

  • Increased part quality
  • Reduced rework costs

Customizable color and texture

  • Choice of finishes



TX340 SH

Degrees of freedom


Nominal load capacity

165 kg

Maximum load capacity*

190 kg


3680 mm


±0.1 mm

Protection class


Attachment methods


Stäubli CS8 series controller


Euromap / SPI compatibility

Plug and play solution (along with dedicated user interface)