January 9-12, 2019, Dhaka

Solutions for economical weaving and knitting

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SAFIR automatic drawing-in machines boost flexibility and productivity in the weaving mill.
SAFIR S40 automatic drawing-in machine
The Stäubli LX electronic Jacquard machine for flat fabrics, terry cloth and technical textiles.
LX electronic Jacquard machine
The S3060 rotary dobby is part of the broad range of Stäubli shedding solutions for all types of fabrics.
S3060 electronic rotary dobby

Stäubli is presenting its automated weaving preparation machinery and shedding solutions for frame and Jacquard weaving at the DTG in Dhaka, Bangladesh from January 9 to 12, 2019. Visitors are invited to booths 7-126 / 7-513 in Hall 2 to learn all about the many benefits offered by the extensive range of products for optimising production processes. The highly reliable machinery operates at the highest running speeds and boasts long service life.

Weavers seeking to boost their flexibility and productivity can count on Stäubli weaving preparation solutions. Mills weaving denim and shirting fabrics should look closely at the following machines:

  • SAFIR S40 and S60 automatic drawing-in machines. These machines swiftly draw the warp yarns through reed, heald, and drop wires whilst the colour and/or yarn type repeat is ensured by Stäubli’s exclusive AWC (Active Warp Control) features such as optical double-end detection.
  • The world-renowned TOPMATIC warp tying machine for fine to standard yarn types. This machine will be shown in operation at the booth.

Stäubli Jacquard machines are known for utmost reliability and production of premium-quality fabrics.
Weaving with Stäubli SX/LX electronic Jacquard machines using Stäubli harnesses automatically leads to high output of top-quality fabrics. These machines ensure constant high warp tension at extreme running speeds. Their ingenious and compact construction makes them maintenance free and easy to integrate. These machines fully meet the stringent requirements of Jacquard weavers.

Stäubli rotary dobbies provide secure frame selection by locking for continuous weaving.
The S3000/S3200 series of electronically controlled rotary dobbies for patterned fabrics guarantees movement with absolutely zero backlash at any operating load or speed. Available for every type of weft insertion system, these machines come with the new, maintenance-free Stäubli harness motions and quick-link system for the heald frames. The system adapts to the weaving parameters of the weaving machine and is highly economical in use.

Visitors to the booths can receive full information on the complete range of Stäubli solutions, including ALPHA carpet weaving machines and the ingenious D4S toe-closing device, which significantly shortens the sock production process and offers the mill rapid ROI.

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