New dyr disconnect couplings

Stäubli expands its offer with three new ranges of high flow connections.

Thanks to this range expansion, Stäubli covers new applications for chemistry, fluid logistics, oil & gas, offshore, marine, machines and plant engineering.
With a nominal diameter of 20 mm (DN 25) to 80 mm (DN 100) these high flow couplings are designed to offer the operator a maximum of safety and ergonomics.
Their non-spill technology allows connections and disconnections with only a minimum loss of fluids in order to protect humans and environment.

These new additions to the Stäubli portfolio include:

  • Dry disconnect couplings TCB: These couplings provide a reliable and safe transfer of fluids with high flow rates. They are used in a wide range of industries and applications including the transferof hazardous materials and degreasing fluids. Ideally suited for the chemical industry, these couplings are utilized for loading and unloading of tanks, cisterns, rail cars, tank trucks,drums and many more. Featuring a non-spill connections that emphasize safe handling, these connections fit hoses from  25 to 100 mm.
    More information about TCB dry disconnect couplings.
  • NATO STANAG 3756 high-flow couplings TTX: Whether transferring oil or gas  or ensuring a tight connection in test bench applications, these dry disconnect couplings suite numerous applications. They take advantage of the Stäubli design with a high-flow and reliable non-spill technology. These couplings offer a bayonet locking system that provides a simple, quick and reliable coupling operation. Connections fit hoses from 25 to 100 mm.
    More information about TTX high flow couplings. 
  • Stainless steel full-flow couplings TKU and TKM: These couplings are designed for full flow high speed transfer. TKU and TKM couplings operate via ball valves which ensures a direct flow of fluid, allowing an optimal flow rate and easy cleanability. The TKU coupling features two symmetrical parts which allows the connection on either side. The TKM provides an even larger choice of seal materials for their use in a wide range of applications. Connections fit hoses from 25 to 80 mm.
    More information about TKU and TKM stainless steel couplings.

The addition of this new portfolio of large diameter, dry disconnect couplings has offered Stäubli an opportunity to expand into areas where their fluid connectors had previously been underutilized.

Discover the TCB, TTX and TKU/TKM couplings on our Filling and Draining page.