Mexico City, Mexico – May 20-23

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Original MC4
Original MC4 ...
Over 50 years’ experience in connectors technology
Over 50 years’ experience in connectors technology

At Mirec Week  2019, Stäubli will present its technologically advanced solutions. Stäubli versatile range of industrial connectors is designed for severe requirements in industrial environments.

Our alternative energies product portfolio includes MC4 photovoltaic connectors are the global industry standard and can be found on more PV modules than any other connector system in the world.

With more than 1.5 billion installed PV connector components, Stäubli Electrical Connectors provide more than 240 GW or over 50% of the worldwide PV capacity. The MC4 connector system is rated up to 1500 V UL, 1500 V TüV safety class 0 and is available for 14 through 8 AWG cable configurations. We are also offering the in-line fuse PV-K/ILF connector for very low energy loss and heat generation featuring an IP68 enclosure.

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