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Touch-protected BNC angled socket for mounting on printed-circuit boards, touchprotected according to IEC / EN 61010-1. The socket is directly soldered onto printed-circuit boards. The right-angled configuration minimises the force transmitted to the printed-circuit board through the plugged-in test lead.
The socket has a flat surface which provides sufficient protection from twisting when connecting a BNC cable. The socket shield consists of two insulated, semi-circular contacts, which are connected to each other when a plug is inserted (switch function). The four locating pins are connected to additional shielding.
The contact socket of the inner conductor of the BNC socket is in gold-plated brass. For use, for example, with high-impedance insulated oscilloscope inputs. The touch-protected BNC socket is compatible with conventional BNC connectors. With such combinations, however, the 1000 V touch protection no longer applies to the whole system.

Order No.


Rated voltage



Max. 1000 V, CAT III

(600 V, CAT IV)

Au Ni