Frame weaving

Customer-oriented solutions for frame weaving

Stäubli has been manufacturing high-speed frame weaving machinery since 1892. Its shedding machines and accessories, including cam motions and rotary dobbies, as well as high-performance harness motions and quick links, cover all fields of textile production. Staubli offers customer-oriented solutions for the production of all fabric types including simple weaves, patterned, heavy technical fabrics, double pile fabrics and carpet.

A passion for quality and innovation, inherited from long industrial experience, is the fundamental driving force of our development. Our customers are first of all partners. Their requirements and demands define our products.

Cam motions S1352

Stäubli came motions type S1352

Cam motions are ideal for weaving different kinds of basic weaves from plain weaves to heavy satin on water-jet weaving machine.

Solutions for basic weaves

Cam motions S1600 / S1700

Stäubli cam motions series S1600

Positive cam motions for weaving basic weaves from plain weaves to heavy fabrics in rapier and air-jet weaving machines.

Solutions for basic weaves

Rotary dobbies S2600

Stäubli electronically controlled positive rotary dobby series S2600  for producing all kinds of patterned fabrics on the projectile weaving machine.

Electronically controlled rotary dobbies for patterned fabrics in projectile weaving machine. 

Solutions for patterned fabrics

Rotary dobbies S3000