TX250 Paint 6-axis painting robotic arm

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The TX250 Paint series makes the difference, thanks to better process control via PaintiXen Advanced Control Software, which allows the control of any paint parameter, an increase in paint and solvent savings (+30% transfer rate), a high quality trajectory and high flexibility, allowing the management of parts of complex/multiple sizes, and increased throughput.

​​​​​​​PaintiXen, dedicated software
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  • The PaintiXen software controls all painting parameters such as electrostatic charge, atomization of air, jet width or product pressure.
  • Facilitates the work of the integrators
  • Reduces operator training times
  • Optimizes system productivity
Advantages of the TX250 Paint
Industrial robot TX250 Paint
Hollow wrist

All painting equipment fits inside the arm.
Reduced contamination risks.

TX90 paint Saving paint and solvents
Savings in paint and solvents

Automation reduces levels of paint and solvent waste, significantly lengthens filter service life and minimizes booth fouling. Transfer levels are increased by 30%.

Increased productivity
Increased productivity

The painters can change paint parameters without stopping production.