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High speed machining (hsm) robots

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The HSM robots are designed for a number of high speed machining applications: finishing, die trimming, modeling, drilling, tapping, deburring, contouring, weld bead machining and more on many types of materials, including aluminum, stainless steel, composites, resins, wood, glass and brass.

HSM robots features
TX90 hsm at toolcraft
Enclosed and pressurizable structure

Protection of motors and cables integrated into the robot arm for operations in hostile environments (dust, spraying, lubricant, etc.)

External axis function
External axis function

Ability to drive an external axis.

Stäubli gearbox JCS
Stäubli reduction gears (Patented)

Designed and manufactured by Stäubli that combines high precision, rigidity, speed, reliability and reduced maintenance.

Automatic tool changing
Automatic tool changing

Increased productivity and flexibility thanks to programmable tool changing in the machine range.

Precise trajectory performance

  • Increased part quality
  • Reduced rework costs

Absolute calibration

  • Increased accuracy for trajectory processes


  • Compatible with a wide range of machining spindles

uniVAL driveRobot control with multi-axis digital controller (CNC)

  • CNC language conservation
  • Simplified use of the 6-axis robot
  • Integration similar to a traditional machine
  • No robotics language training needed
  • Quick to install and get to grips with

Primary characteristics


TX2-90 HSM