Technical fabric weaving

Stäubli product solutions for manufacturing technical fabrics

The range of applications for technical textiles, especially fabrics, is constantly expanding to encompass new and more challenging applications. Who would have believed 20 years ago that the cabins of large airplanes would one day be made of fabric-reinforced plastics? It has become standard practice today. With the expanding diversity of technical fabrics, the demands on machines for producing technical textiles are also increasing. The machinery must be able to process and handle an ever-increasing number of new yarn materials. What’s more, increasingly complex types of bindings and weave structures are required, such as multilayer and spacer fabrics or fabrics with variable density.

Stäubli has responded to such new demands from the world of technical textiles with a range of machines well suited to advanced production methods and unconventional materials. These machines possess flexibility with regard to the field of application and thus represent a safe investment in the future. What follows are a few examples of how Stäubli’s solutions can support you in the successful production of technical textiles.

OPW airbag
Custom-designed airbags

Optimal passenger safety in modern motor vehicles is always a prime concern, and the technical solutions are expanding. Airbags around the head considerably increase the degree of protection. With Stäubli LXL Jacquard machine, OPW airbags can be made with woven-in seams to perfectly achieve the needed shape – providing maximum safety at a reasonable manufacturing cost.