Carpet weaving technologies

Light carpets and low-pile weaving

One of the latest trends is low-density velour carpets, carpets with very low pile. Traditional velour looms can weave very fine high-density carpets but only at rather low productivity levels. That makes these carpets too expensive for the consumer who just wants to follow the latest trends.

Stäubli ALPHA 500 UNIVERSAL weaving machines enable the weaving of carpets with a pile height of less than 3 mm (the 4 m wide model) and 4 mm (the 5 m wide model), with pile heights similar to traditional velour carpets. By using cotton wefts and a special ground weave structure, these carpets woven on ALPHA are very soft and easy to fold, just like "real" velour carpets.  

Weaving carpets with such low pile heights requires lancets in order to preclude the problem of tight pile threads pulling the top and bottom carpets together. In its broad product range, Stäubli offers 6 mm lancets for its double rapier weaving machines, allowing pile heights – before shearing – of less than 3 mm

Weaving with such a low final pile height, instead of shearing several mm of pile after weaving, is economical: it saves time, energy and yarn.


SCS-Low-pile-lancet or low pile carpets
Working principle for low pile

With the LX2493 Jacquard machine, weavers can level the pile-yarn heddles in the middle position so that they are above or below the unique Schönherr low lancets. The pile yarn heddles, except the one in patterning action, are not hindered by the lancets. This solution offers constant pile height plus maximum freedom in weaving (as if without lancets) – for minimum shearing loss and perfectly even surfaces.