ITMA 2019 Weaving preparation

Highest quality achieved with efficiency

Fashion is constantly changing, and textile mills have to supply different styles for inter-season and special collections every year. These fast-changing textile trends force weavers to optimize their quick style and warp changes.

As a renowned supplier of innovative automation solutions, Stäubli offers weaving preparation machinery and systems that minimize idle times and maximize constant and reliable warp processing – boosting productivity and increasing first-quality fabric production.

Stäubli is presenting its unique Active Warp Control (AWC) technology which was developed in connection with Stäubli’s product line of SAFIR automatic drawing-in machines and is constantly being expanded.

Drawing-in with SAFIR systems featuring Stäubli AWC (Active Warp Control)
Yarn repeat management System AWC

The 100% controlled identification and handling of warp yarns in order to achieve the highest quality and reliability in warp processing – namely during automatic drawing-in – is the purpose of “Active Warp Control” (AWC). The system is used on all SAFIR machine models in different configurations and depending on the requirements profile.