ITMA 2019 Knitting solution

Stäubli knitting solutions bring the best cost-benefit ratio for knitters

In the knitting industry, the most essential challenges are close pricing competition, demand for high quality and rapid trend reactivity. Stäubli’s D4S toe linking device answers the knitters’ expectations in quick return on investment. D4S offers a highly efficient automatic toe close process, decreasing the machine’s idle time and reducing the waste yarns.

Come to visit us at Stäubli booth B212 / H8.1 where presents a complete solution with the electronic controller 2900 SL, a programming system DStyler for knitting patterns as well as DData for process monitoring and data recording during knitting.

Staubli independent toe-linking device Deimo D4S
Independent toe linking

Stäubli’s D4S toe linking device (patented) is directly mounted on sock machines with a diameter from 3 ½ to 4 ½ inches and from 8 to 19 gauge. It independently sews the toe closed while the sock knitting machine simultaneously produces the next sock.