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Stäubli in Taiwan

Stäubli entered the Asian market with the spirit of innovation for over a century, and established Staubli Taiwan in 1998 in order to optimize customer proximity and to provide the most efficient customer service. Stäubli Taiwan is situated in Taichung city center, also known as the transport hub between northern and southern Taiwan. Together with a team of experts located all over Taiwan, we master local industry trend thoroughly, and are fully capable of providing needed customer service. Until today, the three divisions of Stäubli have been standing strong in Taiwan: Connectors, Robotics, and Textile.

Connectors perfectly meet customer needs from all types of fluid, gas, electrical, and data connection, while Robotics is a renowned manufacturer worldwide by setting a new benchmark with the excellent performance of the scara and 6-axis robots. We exhibit in our showroom a series of robotic applications, electrical and fluid connectors that satisfy industrial automation needs.

Textile, inheriting the Stäubli heritage, has also devoted greatly in Taiwan textile industry. The products include weaving preparation, shedding solutions, weaving systems and automation solutions for the knitting industry.

It is the uncompromising pursuit of quality and the passion for customer value that leads this international group for over 125 years.

Stäubli (H.K.) LTD. Taiwan Branch