Solar and photovoltaics

Robots for crystalline production

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Stäubli has designed a full range of specialized robotics solutions for solar and photovoltaic production. Our 4 and 6-axis robotic arms combine reliability, precision and dexterity to reduce manufacturing costs while boosting productivity and quality. 
From the ultra-precise 4-axis FAST picker TP80, SCARA TS to the 6-axis TX, our specialized robots can handle all crystalline (c-Si) production processes. They can handle a range of solar applications, including the production of ingots, bricks, solar cells and modules.

TX90L PV at Jonas and Redman

Technical characteristics:

  • Closed robot arm with rigid structure
  • Clean robot for all applications
  • High speed
  • High accuracy
  • Smooth robot motion: best in its class


  • 30+ years experience in the cleanroom and semiconductor industries
  • Partnerships with system integrators and OEMs worldwide
  • Synergy between Electrical Connectors and Robotics division activities provides a global solution to PV module manufacturers
  • Dedicated line of robots for PV markets
Main applications

Ingots and brick production

  • Handling for cutting
  • Measuring
  • Grinding
  • Chamfrening