Automotive Success story

Pooling resources for a high tech solution

Customer benefits
  • Unique and highly productive process
  • Superior robot trajectory control for outstanding polishing results
  • Robot cells with high level of autonomy
  • Robot controller with enormous memory capacity
Stäubli TX90 hsm at Toolcraft
Utmost precision and exemplary path accuracy is an absolute must.
Gear selector
Photo display of the gear selector lever: The innovative gear stick display for a luxury vehicle.


The polishing of ceramic hybrid interior parts

The illuminated gear stick display in a particular luxury vehicle model is a masterpiece of design. However, since there was no known industrial technique for achieving the specified surface finish of the ceramic hybrid component in question, the only option was to come up with a new solution.

Leading plastics multinational Oechsler, which has made a name for itself as a reputable supplier to the automotive industry, declared its willingness to take on the challenge. Oechsler commissioned system integrator Toolcraft with working out how to perform the crucial task of polishing the ceramic surface of the display. Toolcraft, in turn, brought software developer Unicam and robot manufacturer Stäubli on board.Together, the four specialist technology enterprises set about developing a viable polishing setup for a series production line. In the case of ceramic hybrid parts, it is essential to polish all sections of the ergonomically shaped free-form surface by applying an even and continuous force in all directions. Experience had shown that this should be possible using specially developed tools, a high-precision robot and extremely precise path planning.



Precision robots make the impossible possible

The specialist teams were under immense pressure to com