Automotive Success story

Automated testing under extreme conditions

Customer benefits
  • Highly efficient testing of touchscreens
  • Quality assurance taken to the next level
  • No additional expense for protective robot cover
  • User-friendly presentation of the test results
  • Enhanced cost-effectiveness and flexibility
Stäubli TX60L - Kübrich test cell
The innovative test cell making its exhibition debut at the Automotive Testing Expo in Stuttgart
Stäubli TX60L
The actuating finger on the robot is a proprietary Kübrich design


Quality checking of touchscreens in an environmental chamber

Quality checking touchscreens within a temperature range of -40 to +85 degrees Celsius places extreme demands on robotics. Now for the first time, a Stäubli six-axis machine is meeting this challenge without the use of a protective cover.

Touchscreens for use in cars have to undergo stringent endurance tests under extreme conditions before they can be approved for series production