Controllers CS9 EtherCAT I/O Terminals

D 244 429 00 (equivalent to Beckhoff EL5101)


D 244 429 00 | Incremental  encoder interface

The D 244 429 00 EtherCAT Terminal is an interface for the direct connection of incremental encoders with differential inputs (RS422). A 32/16 bit counter with a quadrature decoder and a 32/16 bit latch for the zero pulse can be read, set or enabled. Incremental encoders with alarm outputs can be connected at the interface’s status input. Interval measurement with a resolution of up to 100 ns is possible. The gate input allows the counter to be halted. The counter state is taken over with a rising edge at the latch input.

Due to the optional interpolating microincrement function, the D 244 429 00 can supply even more precise axis positions for dynamic axes. In addition, it supports the synchronous reading of the encoder value together with other input data in the EtherCAT system via high-precision EtherCAT distributed clocks (DC).

Technical data

D 244 429 00


incremental encoder interface RS422

Number of channels


Encoder connection

A, A (inv), B, B (inv), C,C (inv), differential inputs (RS422); status input 5 V DC; gate/latch input 24 V DC

Encoder operating voltage

5 V DC/max. 0.5 A

Encoder output current

0.5 A


1 x 16/32 bit switchable

Limit frequency

4 million increments/s (with 4-fold evaluation)

Quadrature decoder

4-fold evaluation

Zero-pulse latch

32 or 16 bits