Stäubli in Japan

Demo Van Roadshow

Contact us for a Roadshow

We visit you with Demo Van.

You can check the performance of these Stäubli products: Quick-release coupling, MCS (Multi-coupling System), QMC (Magnetic Clamping), MPS (Robot Tool Changer).

Event Outline

Space required for Demo Van Roadshow

  • Length : 5.3m
  • Width : 4.3m
  • Height : 2.4m


Power supply required for Magnet Clamp

  • 200V/20A


Quick-release coupling

  • Non-spill
  • Easy operation for release with the button


Multi Coupling (manual operation)

  • The centralized system
  • Easy operation with lever


Multi Coupling System

  • The customized design for your specification


QMC: Magnetic Clamping

  • Monitoring of the clamping force all the times


MPS: Robot Tool Changer

  • Safety : Active Docking System