Close to our Japanese market

Sales and service station founded in 1983 in Osaka, Japan ,  “closed to Stäubli users in Japan “.

Adding to our conventional core businesses such as fruid connectors, robotics and textile machinery, we started to deal electrical connectors of Multi-Contact brand in Japan market in  2017.

We provide our sales and service activities in Japan market. We have spare parts warehouse for quick supply, and show room for technical training and machine demonstration.

Fluid Connectors

Stäubli's wide range of standard and specialized quick connectors , with high safety and  without leak, are used in chosen in many industrial segments, such as railway, motor sports, automotive, plastic, defense and aerospace, PV, cooling system , and so on.

Electrical Connectors

Wide range of standard and specialized electrical connectors under Multi-contact brand are demanded in many segments / applications. 


We offer factory automation system with robotics to very demanding industrial segments for environmental requirement and precision, in cooperation with our partner integrators. With our wide range of products, such as 4 axis scara robots, 6 axis robots, controllers and specific soft wares, we build optimized application to each factory.


Technology and reliability, built in long experience of over 120 years, became the basis of today's Stäubli. With state-of-the-art shedding solutions such as cam motions, dobbies, and jacquard machines, and also high precision weaving preparation systems, we contribute to our customers for their better production efficiency and higher fabric quality.

We are always open to understand our customers' needs and problems, and make our challenge to develop our technology, not only in conventional application, but also in new ones such as technical fabrics etc.