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Stäubli in Hong Kong

As customer proximity is key to Stäubli, the importance of South East Asian market motivated the Group to establish Hong Kong in 1993 as hub.

Starting with Textile division, today all three Stäubli activities are represented in Hong Kong: Textile machinery, Connectors and Robotics.

Stäubli markets innovative and precise electromechanic machines for the Textile industry. This includes a range of quality high- speed systems for the weaving and knitting industry.  Partnering with our customers worldwide to provide personnel service and support are key to ensuring efficient production and minimal downtime.

Connectors provides connection solutions for all types of fluids, gases, electrical power and data.

Robotics is a leading player around the world in industrial automation, consistently delivering engineering as effective and reliable as our service and support.  Stäubli promotes the collaboration between Man and Machine, whether by having robots perform difficult or dangerous tasks, or through the services provided by the staff at Stäubli.