Robotic tool changers

MPS 1530: coupling modules for media, energy and data transmission

Versatile and long-lasting: The numerous modules and components for media, data and energy transmission enable a flexible adaptation of the automatic tool changing systems for all areas of operation and applications. They are also characterized by their low wear and long-term reliability even with many plug-in and change cycles. The MPS 1530 tool changer can be used with components (compatible with MPS 630) for signal and power performance, as well as mass current and primary current, and modules for hydraulic, pneumatic, liquids, vacuum and material transfer.

Component & module overview

Signal and power supply

MultiDNet module for signal and power supply

Interference-free and long-lasting: The customer specific, configurable MultiDNet module endures excellent signal and power performance for many plug-in cycles.

Fibre optic module for signal transmission

Fiber optic module for signal transmission

Innovative and fast: the fibre optic module for optical signal transmission, transfers at high data transmission rates.

Primary circuit for welding currents

Primary circuit connector for welding currents

Safe and powerful: The versatile MGK primary circuit connector displays stable power transmission of the welding current.

Mass current