Robotic tool changers

MPS 130: coupling modules for media, energy and data transmission

Versatile as a global market leader in coupling technology, Stäubli offers numerous modules and components for media, data and energy transmission. They enable the tool changer systems to be integrated into all robot-controlled production processes. Even more impressive with low-wear and longevity, even with many plug-in and change cycles. For the MPS 130 tool changer there are (compatible with the MPS 260) connectors for signal and power supply, as well as for primary current transmission and modules for pneumatics, liquids and vacuum.

Pneumatic and liquids

Stäubli AG - Pneumatic-cooling-tim-2x-35504-jpg-orig.jpg

Low-wear and leak-free: The pneumatic and cooling module SPM displays clean-break technology for secure couplings.

Pneumatic and vacuum

Stäubli AG - Pneumatic-vacuum-tim-2x-35507-jpg-orig.jpg

Robust and efficient: The RMK/FTM pneumatic and vacuum module allows for high change cycles and large volume flows.

Signal and power supply

MultiDNet module for signal and power supply

Interference-free and long-lasting: the MultiDNet module for long-lasting, excellent signal, and power supply allows for high change cycles.

Signal and data transmission