Manufacturing Industry Success story

Modular cubes with modular connection system for Smart Factory


Market: Manufacturing Industry
Product solution: CombiTac connection system
Application: Interconnection of smart factory cube modules


  • Individually configurable with data (Ethernet), power, M2M communication (Signals), compressed air
  • Resistant to high mating cycles
  • Tolerance compensation
  • Reliable and stable performance


  • Saving of conversion costs by tailor made solution
  • Optimized operational costs through reliable and durable connection in challenging environment
  • Timesaving coupling process of production cells due to modular connector design
  • Customer vicinity of Stäubli engineering contact
Korean Smart Factory with modular production cubes
Chan-Hee JANG, Project manager in front of the modular production cubes
Modular cubes in Korean Smart Factory automatically connect to each other with Stäubli CombiTac
Modular cubes automatically connect to each other with CombiTac
Stäubli CombiTac with guidance for automatic connection
CombiTac with large guiding devices for automatical connection of the cubes
CombiTac providing various media in one connector housing at Korean Smart Factory
Manual connection with CombiTac

The Korea Smart Factory Association (KOSF) is a federation by the Korean government developing solutions in the field of industrial machinery and process automation. Its main mission is to support small and medium manufacturers that do not have the financial means and know-how to design new smart factory solutions on their own.

Korean know-how for industry 4.0

KOSF aims at providing key technologies and solutions to advance and define the concept of Smart Factory and Manufacturing 3.0 and Industry 4.0. In particular, these solutions enable small and medium-sized enterprises to increase their productivity and gain a foothold in the markets

Modularity for Smart Factory

KOSF’s key project are the Smart Cubes, which are modular blocks that perform a dedicated task in the automation process, e.g. quality inspection, testing cells, robotic assembly, packaging and many more. They are an integrated element for smart factories, where prior simulation and modelling of entire manufacturing processes are analyzed in advance, thus optimizing costs and time accordingly. The mobile Smart Cubes are equipped with wheels and can be individually linked together to form a complete process line.

The Smart Cubes

For building the customized production line, the Smart Cubes are remotely navigated to link to each other. Therefore, the technical connection needs to be robust and resist to many matching cycles. The configuration of the connectors has to provide data transfer, signal information for man-to-machine communication (M2M), compressed air and power. As the solution of the Smart Cubes will gradually evolve, the connectors are supposed to allow modular configuration.

KOSF Smart Cubes feature a plate at the left and right side carrying two large guiding devices and two claws grabbing the next cube to pull together and finally inte