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September 17-21, 2019

8.1 H A233

National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai)

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Smart, precise and mobile, robots of the future have plenty more surprises in store!

The highlight at the Stäubli booth will be the digitally networked Smart Production demo complete with Man Robot Collaboration applications and the mobile robot systems HelMo that are now ready for series production. Stäubli will show the demo smart production line where tool change systems for robots were being produced to individual specification.


The Stäubli smart production concept
Gerald Vogt - Group Division Manager Robotics

“Experience the dawn of a new era of automation with Stäubli. We have already made smart production a reality! ”


Gerald Vogt | Managing Director of Stäubli Robotics

Mr. Vogt, can you give us a rough idea of what a digital production process Stäubli will show at CIIF involves?

Vogt: The actual production starts with the pre-assembly of individual modules for the tool changer in three separate robot cells. From here, the central MRC assembly workstation is supplied with individual modules. A six-axis robot guided by a human operator fetches the locking unit, on which the modules are arranged in satellite formation from a transfer position, to then place it on the assembly table. After assembly, the manually operated robot delivers the tool changer to a QA station, from where the tested product is conveyed directly to the packaging and shipping department.

If you were to summarize the benefits of the smart production in just three ientences, what would the key points be?

Vogt: Digitally networked production in combination with MRC workstations offers excellent scope for breaking away from relatively rigid production concepts and to realize intelligent, highly flexible solutions. Solutions that are perfectly suited to meet the challenge of ever more individualized production. In future, users will be able to produce more economically, flexibly and efficiently than ever before.