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September 17-21, 2019

8.1 H A233

National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai)

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Strong and sensitive

True to the values of the TX2 family, cobots in the new TX2touch range outperform traditional cobots, achieving superior productivity. Strong and sensitive, they can handle loads of up to 20 kg and are equipped with a highly responsive skin system. This advanced technology reduces the reaction time whenever a cobot comes into contact with a human being, keeping operators safe.

Inherited from TX2 robots

Cobots in the TX2touch series are gifted with all the qualities intrinsic to the TX2 family. With their smart design, they move seamlessly between high productivity and man–machine collaboration. These cobots also have unique SIL3/PLe modular safety functionalities.  And they’re designed for smart production, with an Ethernet Cat5e port integrated into the forearm, near the tool flange.

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Safely collaborating with human
Our MRC dedicated products

TX2 collaborative robotic arms

TX2 collaborative robotic arms

With its safe and fast TX2 line of robots and CS9 controller, Stäubli is writing a new chapter on human-machine cooperation.

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