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Stäubli Mobile Robot System - HelMo

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September 17-21, 2019

8.1 H A233

National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai)

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All over the world, mobile robots are poised to play a bigger and bigger role. Spot automation of multiple tasks allows industries to avoid investing exclusively in stand-alone applications or non-cost-effective automation processes. Users of a mobile robot system like HelMo can choose the tasks the robot will perform in response to immediate needs. In doing so, they gain more control over ROI and production quality by reducing batch output requirements and transfer time between processes.

"HelMo can be used in virtually any area of operation, from procurement and logistics to handling, assembly, machining and quality control. Not only does it boost production flexibility, it delivers consistent quality and allows employees to focus on value-added tasks." Peter Pühringer, Division Manager Robotics.

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