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Stäubli Demovan


Experience advanced solutions for quick connections right at your doorstep

Whatever industry you are in, we will be happy to show you innovative and efficient solutions for quick connections that can increase productivity and profitability.

Our experienced technical engineers will discuss specific requirements with you at the site and demonstrate solutions for quick connections tailored to your company. These solutions have helped factories and laboratories around the world lower costs and improve efficiency.

The following are the main products and applications included in demonstrations:

Demovan roadshow in China
Stäubli in the Plastics Industry

Single-minute Exchange of Die (SMED) is key to increasing productivity in the plastics industry. Stäubli has developed quick mold change solutions for every step in your production process: mold transfer and loading, mold clamping systems, energy connection, and production automation.

Demo van roadshow in China
Stäubli in the Automotive Industry

Stäubli provides a series of high-quality quick connectors for different automotive manufacturing processes, such as stamping, welding, painting, final assembly, and engine testing, to ensure operator safety while improving processes and productivity.

Applications: engine testing, new energy motor/electric control/battery testing, welding automation, centralized connections of energy circuits for stamping machines, etc.

Demo van roadshow in China
Stäubli in the Cooling Industry

Widely used in railways, aerospace and defense, data centers, etc.

Suitable for various types of cooling fluids: water, water-glycol, demineralized water, oil, dielectric fluids, and refrigerants.

Demo van roadshow in China
Stäubli in the Chemical Industry

Stäubli provides solutions suitable for all aspects of chemical production or conversion processes and can develop special connection solutions according to your needs: filling and emptying product tanks, inerting, gas distribution, sampling, test benches, compressed air network, breathing air supply, etc.