Stäubli in China

Founded in 1997, Stäubli Hangzhou is the first production site of Stäubli Group outside of European region. Headquartre of Stäubli Hangzhou is located in Hangzhou with 12 offices around China. All three Stäubli divisions are represented in China: Connectors, Robotics and Textile. Company is focusing on production, sales and application of high-tech products and state-of-art solutions, and providing Stäubli products, technologies and services to the Chinese and Asian markets.

Timeline Stäubli Hangzhou

1997: Foundation of Stäubli (Hangzhou) Mechatronics Co. Ltd. on October 22.

1999: Installation of dobby production line. Inauguration of the first building comprising 2000 square meters. 

2001: Stäubli Hangzhou provides the full range of Stäubli textile machinery and the service.

2002: Installation of harness production line.

2003: Stäubli's Connectors division establishes a presence in Hangzhou. Inauguration of extension of manufacturing site, covering 6500 square meters.

2004: Stäubli Robotics division starts sales activities in China.

2005: Stäubli Group company Multi-Contact starts sales & service activities in Hangzhou.

2006: Setting up of office in Guangzhou.

2007: Start of photovoltaics components assembly in Hangzhou.

2008: Start DEIMO controller parts' purchase and production in Hangzhou.

2009: Setting up of office in Wuhan.

2010: Setting up of office in Xi`an.

2011: Setting up of offices in Shenyang, Chongqing and Suzhou.

2012: Prevost team set up. Construction of the new factory of 22000 square meters.

2013: Setting up of office in Nanjing.

2014: Sales exceeded 1 billion.

2015: Setting up of offices in Tianjin, Chengdu and Shenzhen.

2016: Starting constrcution of Phase II ceremony.

2017: 20-Year Anniversary of Stäubli Hangzhou. Second phase of plant completed, covering 36400 square meters. Sales exceed 1.5 billion. 200 million MC4 output. 

Stäubli (Hangzhou) Mechatronics Co. Ltd.