Automate 2019 Smart Production

We make your production smarter

Our connected robotics solutions for smart production are making a decisive contribution towards designing processes that are more cost-effective, transparent, flexible and above all self-optimizing and intelligent.

Gerald Vogt - Group Division Manager Robotics

«Experience the dawn of a new era of automation with Stäubli. We have already made smart production a reality!»


Gerald Vogt | Managing Director of Stäubli Robotics


At Automate, you demonstrated digital production of the future in an authentic Smart Production application. Why did you go to all this trouble for a trade fair demo?

Vogt: We wanted to show that our developments in highly connected robotics already allow us to set up Industry 4.0 production scenarios. At Automate, robots and mobile robot systems produced components for tool change systems in direct interaction with humans – with greater speed, flexibility and efficiency than ever before.

How far away are we from seeing such visions of the future become a reality in automation practice?

Vogt: After years of discussion, digital transformation and Industry 4.0 are now finding their way into the factory at an accelerated pace. Consequently, I wouldn’t describe them as “visions of the future” but rather as pioneering, Smart Production solutions that are currently making significant changes to classic automation. And we at Stäubli already have the right solutions for tomorrow’s world today.

The Stäubli smart production concept
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Stäubli's mobile robot system at Automatica 2018

Our mobile robot system, HelMo, is successfully on its way from prototype to full series production. This autonomously navigating platform permits the flexible use of robot technology at different workstations within smart production.

MRC application at Automatica 2018
MRC (Man-Robot Collaboration)

The use of powerful six-axis machines of the TX2 series instead of special kinematics for MRC (Man-Robot Collaboration) applications brings significant advantages in terms of performance, cost, flexibility, productivity, protection against poor investments...